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Post op Calcium Information


Low calcium (hypocalcaemia) after surgery presents with 

  • tingling and numbness of fingers and toes 

  • tingling and numbness around the mouth

  • muscle cramps


Hypocalcaemia is treated with calcium replacement tablets. If you develop tingling in the fingertips, toes, or lips, your calcium maybe low. 


Standard Post-operative Calcium Management

  • Caltrate (600 mg)        2 tablets twice daily

  • Calcitriol (0.25 mcg)    1 tablet twice daily

2 week course is supplied

Do not continue longer unless advised by surgical team

Note that this dose may differ based on your risk of developing low calcium levels – the surgical team will advise you


What to do if you develop symptoms

  • Firstly, go to a Pathwest and have your blood tests done with the forms provided to you

  • Then, take two Voost Calcium tablets in water after the bloods tests are completed and if the symptoms persist

    • Take two Voost tablet every hour thereafter until the symptoms resolve 

    • Symptoms should improve within 1-2 hours.

    • Continue taking your caltrate and calcitriol tablets as prescribed


  • If symptoms do not resolve after 3-4 hours - 


  • During hours (0800-1600 hrs Mon-Thu)

    • Call my Wexford rooms on 9310 7878 for advise

    • If my Wexford rooms are uncontactable, present to Emergency Dept or your GP


  • After hours (1600-0800 Mon-Fri or Weekend)

    • Present to  Emergency Dept or GP

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